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Vice and Virtue (Avarice&Charity) Lifestyle Posters. (Spring 2014)

I really enjoyed doing this, maybe because of all the colors :)

Am in love with this game!

15 minute doodle of the boyfriend :)

He can’t stay still when baseball is on ^^;


This was something I drew for Whit when I saw on DA that she was feeling down. I remember how I used to stay up for hours on end with the rest of the LS Famiry and watch what we called Whitnee’s Crack Livestreams XD This is what made me truly want to be an artist. Whit inspires me with how much I have seen her improve. @jwhitnee

This is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I think it’s remarkable that I’ve made that much of a difference in your life and not even realize it. It’s every artist’s dream to influence the people that see their art, and I’m so blessed to have made an impact on another artist like this. You’re still my little sis, Aly, so don’t be a stranger and skype me sometime crazy girl.

What you actually mean I have a tumblr I had forgotten //shot


Best Fandom Ever !


Game Zodiacs, Digital (Spring 2014)

The 12 Astrological Zodiacs based off of video game characters and their personalities. Tried to add diversity to platforms, release dates, and game genres.

Characters in Order: Spyro (The Legend of Spyro), Aku Aku (Crash Bandicoot), Zelda and Shiek (Legend of Zelda), Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII), Falco Lombardi (Star Fox 64), Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil), Luke Triton (Professor Layton), GLaDOS (Portal), Princess Peach (Super Mario), Cammy (Street Fighter), Roll (Megaman), Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite).


This is what I’ll be working on! Aquarius painting. Please vist http://www.livestream.com/gizakaze from now till 2-3 hours from now :)


The Box (Fall 2012)

A critique on the human imagination. Digital painting and photo collage, all photos either taken by me or composed from stock images ( water, fire, and universe images)


Please reblog, and also make sure your work is not on here! Let’s make sure the word gets around! My work, my friends work, and just anyone’s work doesn’t deserve to be taken, slapped on a t-shirt, and sold without our permission!

Soo something I never thought would happen just happened. Thank god not on DA tho. But an art theif has taken not only my art but also a good friend of mine whitty-boo

Its a website that sells iphone covers and custom T-shirts…. so on for profit. Whitty recently stumbled across this…

A gift for a friend

Mystique, Storm, and X-23

Lifestyle Illustrations; Patong City, Phuket Thailand (Digital), (Spring 2014)

Trying out a new style similar to speedpainting. 

Week 1 and 2 of Lifestyle Paper Dolls.

Quick 30 minute doodle of Cael :)